How Common Are Ear Infections?

By 3 months of age, 10% of infants will have had an ear infection, and by the time they are 3 years old, 50% of children will have had more than 3 ear infections. The most common treatment for this in pediatrics is antibiotics, or surgery to place tubes in the ears if the condition is chronic. But did you know chiropractic care can help with ear infections?

What Causes Ear Infections in Infants?

An ear infection is usually inflammation of the middle ear caused by bacteria, and the reason why this occurs in children often is because their Eustachian tube is not fully developed, so fluid containing bad bacteria cannot freely drain. Misalignments, especially in the upper neck area, can make it even harder for the fluid to drain from their ears, which results in an increase in the infections.

Misalignments can occur in children, most commonly from the birthing process, and the physical stressors that development can place on their nervous system. At Empower, we specialize in pediatrics and are very gentle with children. We understand the importance of misalignments in children, and want to see all kids grow up to be healthy adults! 

ear diagram

How Can Chiropractic Help Ear Infections?

Chiropractic care is less invasive than surgeries and also has less side effects than prescription medications. With regular gentle and specific adjustments for kids, this will help free their spine from these misalignments, allowing the eustachian tube to easily drain while also boosting their immune system, preventing more infections from arising. There has been significant amount of research published on chiropractic care and otitis media, each case study proving successful results!

Is Chiropractic Safe For Infants?

In our office, we do not guess with your child’s health! We do a complete consultation with you to understand their health history, and perform a nerve assessment using our office technology so we can where those misalignments are and how severe they are. Depending on your child’s age, we either use our pinky or index fingers to adjust their spine, or if they are old enough we use our gentle instrument to perform the adjustment. With that first visit, we are there for you to answer any questions you may have.