Active Military & Veterans

The physical, mental and emotional stressors that our troops experience daily, and the residual effects that they continue to experience as veterans is something that is hard for private citizens to understand. Though we have never been through anything similar, at Empower Chiropractic we strive to be there for our military and veterans, and offer them a natural approach to healing.

With opioid addiction on the rise, there have been many studies offering chiropractic care as an alternative. A Marine veteran in New Jersey has found relief for his low back pain through chiropractic when all of the prescription drugs failed him. Another veteran diagnosed as 100% disabled due to low back pain, can now resume regular activities of daily living with no complications after 22 adjustments.

It has been proven through research that the symptoms of PTSD are heightened with a musculoskeletal complaint, such as neck pain or low back pain. In a study completed in 2010, 61% of combat veterans reported improvement in their cases. More research needs to be done on the topic of PTSD specifically and chiropractic. With the research we have now, we know that when interference is removed from the nervous system the brain can communicate with the body optimally, all organ systems can function appropriately, and our hormones balance. There has been a recent increase on research discussing chiropractic care and mental health, and we strive to raise awareness for the treatment of these conditions naturally.


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