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ACL Injuries

I had always been a competitive athlete and was recruited to play at a Division 1 school on scholarship. The most significant injuries I sustained during my career were to my knee, as I tore my ACL three times throughout my high school years. Unfortunately, I was tormented throughout college with debilitating knee, hip and ankle joint pain, making my college experience incredibly challenging.

After getting under specific chiropractic care, I stopped getting a yearly strep throat, noticed increased energy, an improved mood, and my chronic acne cleared up. However, the biggest change I experienced was the difference I felt physically in my knee, hip and ankle joints. At 3 months I began working out more intensely, pushing my body to run longer distances – a feat I was NEVER able to do throughout college without severe pain. This was a huge, as before I couldn’t run more than 3 to 5 miles at a time without being in severe pain. After 2 years of chiropractic care I completed my first ½ marathon with very little residual joint pain!

Lauren's Story

Low Back Pain

I’ve always suffered from low back pain, being that I played football and basketball my entire life. I thought it was normal to experience back pain after games, workouts etc. until I began to suffer from severe back pain while working at Walmart Distribution

Center my senior year. The pain was so severe sometimes after a work weekend I would lay in bed the for two days the following week. I began carrying Tylenol pills with me to work and would take 2 before and after work just to get me through the work day. I knew this was not normal, I went to my college advisor to discuss my

health situation to see what she recommends. She referred me to her chiropractor and within 3 weeks of being under his care my back pain that I suffered from for most of my life was completely gone. I was so thankful for her sending me to him because I did not have another option and the Tylenol was only temporary relief. The following months I was able to go to work pain free and also workout again and engage in other extracurricular activities I once gave up on. Chiropractic definitely helped me take control of my health!

Brandon's Story

Asthma and Ear Infections

It’s hard to imagine any child unable to play outside, but that was the reality for Gage and Logan from birth. With asthma and allergies, they were on 7 daily medications to control their symptoms. If I forgot to give them any one of their medications, they were miserable, unable to breath properly or see through their red, puffy little eyes. This constant inflammation was made worse by constant ear infections. As a mom, I hated giving them so many drugs, but I didn’t know there was a better way until we discovered chiropractic! Now my boys have been mediation and infection free since 2012! To see them play hard and stay active is a mother’s dream. They are 2 of the healthiest kids with such strong immune systems.

Gage and Logan's Story<br />

Healthy Weight

I did not know anything about chiropractic care until 4 years ago. I had a friend tell me that it helped her daughter sleep better at night and so I was interested to see more because I thought it was only for back pain. So, I started chiropractic care out of curiosity and it ended up being a life changing moment for me. I had always struggled with my weight fluctuating and had never been able to control when I would gain or lose 10 pounds every month. I had suffered from an eating disorder earlier in life and the doctors said this is how my metabolism would probably be for the rest of my life.

My clothes would fit different every month which was frustrating but I just thought it was normal. When I started chiropractic care I had no idea that it could help me even with my weight! I noticed that I was able to maintain a healthy weight each month and also gained so much more energy and confidence in myself. My body was finally

able to heal and regulate itself. It was amazing that I had lived my life thinking that I was completely fine when there was this whole other level of health that I could have been experiencing. I now am choosing chiropractic care for life because I want to maintain this level of health!

Chrisavi's Story

Optimal Health

One thing that I love about life is the fact that every day you get a chance to improve on the day before. That belief is exactly why chiropractic care was a game changer in my life. I started under chiropractic care when I was a sophomore in high school at 16 years old. I went to the chiropractor because I had been educated on the importance of the nervous system. It was explained so simply to me… The nervous system

controls and coordinates the entire body. A high performance vehicle doesn’t run on a low performance engine. Neither can a high performance human run on a low performance nervous system. We’ve only got one life to live, so if I’m going to live it to the fullest, I better be getting the most out of my body and my health.To this day, I’ve been under more physical, mental, and emotional stress than ever before, working longer hours, sleeping less, and dealing with the ever-increasing challenges that life has thrown at me and I have yet to be sick in over 5 years. As a matter of fact, I have been experiencing even more energy and a greater vigor for life, despite all of life’s stressors. Chiropractic has increased my immunity, my energy, and my overall quality of life!

Vinny's Story

Hip Impingement

I have played sports all of my life, so I know that my body has taken a pounding over the years. However, the breaking point seemed to occur while running track and field on the collegiate level. The orthopedic surgeon diagnosed me with hip impingement and told me to take pain killer (one pill before and after practice/competition). After following the advice of the orthopedic surgeon for a few weeks I stopped taking the pills because there was no significant change as I was still in as much pain while practicing and competing.

At this point I decided to try something different especially after hearing that one of my teammates was receiving chiropractic care for back pain. After my first adjustment I noticed an immediate difference in the range of motion of my hip. Once I was six months into care I was able to exercise and run without any pain in the hip. Although I still experience some difficulty with range of motion at times due to the fact that I have an impingement (essentially abnormal bone structure) I can truly say that chiropractic care has been a great benefit to
my quality of life!

Quentre's Story

Thyroid Concerns

I started chiropractic care for neck pain and headaches, but I had no idea that my thyroid condition would get better, too! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 4 years prior to starting care, but after learning about principled chiropractic, and that life flows from above, down, and from the inside, out I was very hopeful. Within 2 weeks I noticed that I no longer had neck pain and headaches! More importantly, after 3 months of regular and consistent care, I noticed my energy levels improving, my anxiety melting away, and thyroid levels were finally balancing out!The most amazing part is that I was able to come off of all my synthetic medication!

Danielle's Story

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